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Our Public Life.


Me -

Hair: Navy+Copper - Lungo @C88

Lingerie: * Vanilla Bae * Lauren Top & Panty @Equal10

Pose: Foxcity. Milk Bath vol:2 - 4

Decor -

MULLOY - Fagapo Books @Equal10

MULLOY - Fagapo Clock @Equal10

[Bad Unicorn] Messy Mondays Bed @TMD

[Bad Unicorn] Smokers Stool 'Messy Mondays' @TMD

[Bad Unicorn] Leaning Lamp 'Messy Mondays' @TMD

[Bad Unicorn] Railed Grail 'Messy Mondays' @TMD

#selfie_RAMA - Vertical Palm Wall 'Green' @6Republic

[Black Bantam] Crinkle Fries Pile Decor @6Republic

[Black Bantam] Secret Sauce Dipper Decor @6Republic

[Black Bantam] Sauce Packet Spill Decor @6Republic

[Black Bantam] Crinkle Fries Paper Boat Decor @6Republic

[Black Bantam] Too Cute To Eat Purrito RARE @6Republic

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